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GelMaster_NormCarolynWelcome to Northwest Gel.
We’re family-owned and operated.

We’re here to serve you. As small business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges many of our customers face. We believe that Gel Master products can help your business operate more efficiently and save you money in the process. We handcraft each and every Gel Master ourselves, which is why we stand behind our products. We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with your Gel Master experience.

The Gel Master story began in 1990 when we invented a gel machine to produce gel paks that we sold to various fresh food distributors in Alaska. We soon discovered that there was a high demand for inexpensive gel paks. We decided to expand our business by building and selling gel machines to our customers, allowing them to produce their own gel paks at a super low cost. The idea caught on and we now have hundreds of customers all around the world. We’re always looking for more satisfied clients. Please feel free to contact us with inquiries or to purchase your own Gel Master system.


Norman and Carolyn Campbell

Owners of the Gel Master

Northwest Gel Inc, Commercial Products Wholesale & Distributor, Chugiak, AK


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