Simple Setup

Simple Setup. Easy to use.
Two of the Gel Master’s best features.

Gel Master Setup

We know that your time is valuable and the last thing you need is a complicated instruction manual with your new Gel Master. That’s why we made the setup easy. You can count the steps on one hand. Five simple steps! (See chart on right.)

 Once you complete the five steps, you’re now ready for production. It’s as simple as that! With this machine, you have the capability to produce 200 or more gel paks per hour. The Vice President of Gel Master has produced 2,400 1.5 pound gel paks herself in a day’s time (though that might take a little practice). Just think, no more waiting on suppliers with their backorders and minimum purchases.

Gel Master Operation

As you pull the bag up around the gel spout you will automatically trigger the microswitch. The microswitch activates the gel and water timers, which set the machine into motion. The machine fills the bag with the correct amount of water and gel crystals, then stops automatically. Next, you turn toward the sealer and place the open end of the bag in its jaws, tap the foot pedal and it clamps shut on your bag, sealing it. You’ve made your first gel pak.

Five Simple Steps
  1. Fill the hopper on the top of the machine.
  2. Connect to a water source (garden hose, water pipe, etc.).
  3. Plug the machine into a 110-volt outlet. (220-volt adapter available.)
  4. Turn the power switch for the gel, water and crystals to the On position.
  5. Take a gel bag and hold the open end under the spout.

Let the gel pak creation commence!